onlinejudge_template.analyzer.html module

the module to find the input format string written with <pre> tags from HTML

この module は HTML を解析し <pre> タグに囲まれた入力フォーマット文字列を発見します。

たとえば AtCoder Grand Contest 038: F - Two Permutations の HTML は

<h3>Input</h3><p>Input is given from Standard Input in the following format:</p>
<var>P_0</var> <var>P_1</var> <var>\cdots</var> <var>P_{N-1}</var>
<var>Q_0</var> <var>Q_1</var> <var>\cdots</var> <var>Q_{N-1}</var>


P_0 P_1 \cdots P_{N-1}
Q_0 Q_1 \cdots Q_{N-1}
exception onlinejudge_template.analyzer.html.HTMLParserError[source]

Bases: onlinejudge_template.types.AnalyzerError

onlinejudge_template.analyzer.html.parse_generic_format_string(html: bytes, *, kind: str, url: str) → str[source]
Parameters:kind"in" or "out"
onlinejudge_template.analyzer.html.parse_input_format_string(html: bytes, *, url: str) → str[source]
onlinejudge_template.analyzer.html.parse_output_format_string(html: bytes, *, url: str) → str[source]